1. What is the FFK Health First?

  • FFK-Health First will allow the employees and their eligible dependents of our Employee Benefits Clients, access to medical services at over 155+ participating providers’ island wide. At the presentation of your membership card all FFK-Health First members will receive preferred pricing at participating Medical Centers, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Specialists, General Practitioners, etc.

2. What are the requirements for being a provider?

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): The MOU outlines the requirement and obligations of Fraser Fontaine & Kong Limited and the providers under the FFK Value Added Services (VAS) provider network.
  • Completed Provider application form, specifying the preferred prices or percentages offered
  • Providers are required to inform their internal staff about the FFK Health First premier card and proper utilization of the card.
  • Swipe system provided by AIS (the same system that is used to swipe for health insurance) in place to accommodate the FFK Health First Premier Card

3. What are the benefits of becoming a FFK preferred provider?

  • Increase visibility through our marketing material free of cost to all providers
  • Increase volume of customers
  • Increase potential to offer products separate from your core products ( where applicable)
  • Opportunity to showcase Company by participating in outreach programmes at Corporate locations
  • Referral to partners for any future business and marketing opportunities

4. Is a new swipe card issued annually?

No, while a new benefit card is issued on renewal, the swipe card does not have an expiry date and should be retained.

5. Is there a cost to replace lost health cards?

Yes. The cost per card is $300.00

6. Can I make a claim if the Drug limit as been maximized?

Yes, once you have satisfied your deductible, benefits such has Drugs and Lab will be reimbursed once a claim form and receipts are submitted.

7.What is a deductible?

An out of pocket expense paid by the member before major medical benefit is payable.

8. Why is preauthorization required for special procedures?

It is stipulated to ensure that the service being sought is necessary and to give the member and estimate to how much the insurance will cover.

9. Why are Over The Counter Drugs ”OTC” excluded?

The plan was not designed to facilitate the purchase of drugs and medication which are easily accessed OTC, but rather those which are prescription items.

10. Why are overseas providers not paid by the insurance?

The plan is a Jamaican dollar plan. For non-emergency services obtained overseas, these will be paid on a reimbursement basis only according to the Schedule of Benefits .

11. Does Dental & Optical go into Major Medical?

No. This is a basic benefit and once the credit limit has been maximized all other charges will be the responsibility of the member.