Wellness Hub


Wellness Hub

The FFK Wellness Hub uses a combination of machine learning and social interactions to encourage, engage and motivate our members towards achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our local members can sign up for hikes, presentations on topical issues affecting their health or join our monthly challenges.

About Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub is meant to encompass different aspects of health and wellness that contribute to the entire well-being, leaving your mind, body and spirit feeling energized and renewed.​


  • 5,000 online classes, 800 instructors
  • 45 different categories of wellness
  • Nutrition, Weight loss, Office workout Dance, Yoga, Pilate, strength training, Zumba, children boot camp, financial planning, manage diabetes, high blood pressure, Life coaching, motivation for everyday living, Sleep, meditation and a whole lot more.
  • Invitation to Hikes
  • Invitation to competition and challenges
  • Win prizes monthly
  • Advice, planning and execution of health fairs
  • Discount on gym fees – Fit Farm Boot Camp
  • Invitation to Spinning Classes


  • Reduce health care costs
  • Lower health risks
  • Help improve employee morale
  • Motivation and social interaction
  • Build great relationships
  • Help you to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors
  • Machine learning – 24-hour access
  • Interactive
  • Fun for the entire family
  • Inexpensive
  • Evolving to bring you the best in Health and Wellness
  • No age limitation
$1.99 USD
$12.00 USD

Special Offer: 50% off when you sign up for 1 year


“I am not a fan of structured workout programs, so the hikes coordinated by the FFK Wellness Club has given me a way to exercise without it feeling regimented. Each time I get to feel the sun on my face, the trails offer a scenic view allowing me to take in the smells, beauty and feel of nature. The group of people are very friendly, always giving encouraging words when I feel tired and it’s the right amount of boost to keep my legs moving. With each hike I find that my endurance has improved and venturing to new places is the best part. Each occasion is awesome; I really appreciate the club and value the effort it takes to coordinate these outings… Love it”
M.Shirley – Packal Limited

BurnAlong has been quite informative and engaging. It has allowed me to be more aware or better informed of some notions which I have heard overtime.

I therefore understand, better, why and how things are done, especially as it relates to meal prep, mindfulness, exercise routines, financial management and insurance.

I have shed some pounds and am still working at it 😊.  I have also invested, recently, in additional exercise gears to include an Army Exercise Mat.

Kudos to BurnAlong … #I am in it to WiN it!
A. Williams – Carlong Publisher